HACT aiming to attract high-income US tourists in Greece

Minister of Tourism, Mrs Elena Kountoura, the President of Greek Diaspora, Mr. Petros Galatoulas, GNTO’s Director in New York, Mrs. Greta Kamaterou, Consul in New York, Mr. Manos Koumparakis?and Mr.Kostas Skagias?Ambassador of Hellenic American Chamber of Tourism, in the 2017?New York Times Travel Show.

Hellenic American Chamber of Tourism, represented by Mr. Kostas Skagias, is participating in?the 2017?New York Times Travel Show which?opened its gates?today (Friday, Jan. 27),?hosted in GNTO?s booth.

The aim of the?Hellenic American Chamber of Tourism is to attract high-income US tourists and major corporate events in?Greece, promoting especially Aegean islands and the premium members of the Chamber.

The USA has been one of the world?s best-performing outbound markets in 2016, and travel experts predict that it will continue to grow further in 2017. The key factor is the strong US dollar, which has increased the purchasing power of the US travellers. Their average spending per trip increased to around 1,800 euros (IPK International).

The 2017?New York Times Travel Show will be opened untill 29th of January 2017 and is the largest and longest-running trade and consumer travel show in North America, featuring the Travel Industry Conference, Consumer Seminars, and an interactive Exhibition including more than 500 exhibitors from Africa, Asia, Australia/South Pacific, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, Latin America, Mexico and the United States.